Business Faculty Profiles

Tap into the top business minds

Every advanced business school boasts about their faculty. In addition to holding advanced degees, our faculty members are hand-picked because they have working experience in the areas that they teach.

Many are still working their day jobs, which include 73 COOs, 166 CFOs, 316 Vice Presidents, 368 CEOs and 1,423 presidents—the leaders in business today. Many of our current School of Business faculty members work, or have worked for Fortune 100 firms.

Because of this first-hand experience, they understand the role that each department plays in business—from accounting to human resources. And they’ve played key roles in business deals, software installations and mergers while working in diverse industries.

Why should you care? Because they are your best guides to what is happening in the global market today. Who better to demonstrate how to apply the advanced theories you’ll learn in class to the many work challenges you face every day?

Ask us more about our impressive faculty—we’ll be glad to share everything we know, and so will they.

Jim Goes, PhD

Jim Goes, chief executive of a consulting practice specializing in management and health administration, earned a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of Oregon and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Utah. He is a Senior Research Fellow at University of Phoenix, where he mentors doctoral students in the School of Advanced Studies and teaches organizational theory, systems ...

Kevin Gazzara, DM

Kevin Gazzara has more than 25 years of management, leadership, organizational development and teaching experience in industries spanning from heavy equipment to high tech. He has served as the Senior Faculty Council Member for Organizational Behavior at University of Phoenix. He holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix, a Master of Business Administration in ...

Reginald Gardner, DM

Reginald Gardner is a senior business executive with a 30-year track record in the successful delivery of business solutions, predominately through the use of information technology. He has served in a leadership capacity for Fortune 500 companies in the retail, oil and insurance industries, including Sears Holdings Corp. and Allstate Corp. Reginald holds a doctoral degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from ...