Proactive Security Measures For Events – ssceu1000 (0 credits)

Security planning is a vital component to the overall success of an event and it is critical that all levels of security personnel know their part. This course provides an introduction to the responsibilities of those individuals working on the front-lines of customer interaction and preventative security at an event. In this course students will be introduced to effective communication skills necessary for preventative security, general security standards, the rings of protection, and what it means to be proactive versus reactive. Students will be introduced with basic concepts involving access control, crowd control, and emergency response. Additionally, this course will provide an overview of how to follow prescribed event procedures at an event.

This non-credit course is 1 week. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Proactive Security Measures for Events

  • Identify general security standards and the layers (rings) of protection
  • Identify proper measures for providing crowd control at an event
  • Recognize the difference between security and safety
  • Recognize the difference between access control and emergency response (proactive versus reactive)
  • Identify public relations and proper public contact
  • Identify necessary communication skills for effective communication and problem solving

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