Leadership And Management Principles – ldceu5000 (0 credits)

In today's workplace, the need for leaders who can manage, and managers who can lead, is critical. Leaders influence others both inside and outside an organization and promote working together towards a common goal. Managers direct employee activities and guide work to ensure that organizational goals are met in an efficient and effective manner. This course focuses on teaching effective leadership and management practices. Students will learn about behaviors that exemplify leadership and management skills. This course provides 0.8 continuing education units in two, 4-hour workshops.

This non-credit course is 2 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Managing while Leading

  • Define the behaviors characteristics of a leader and a manager
  • Describe the difference between leading and managing
  • Identify ways to manage people effectively

Leading while Managing

  • Identify ways a leader can motivate others to accomplish goals and meet objectives
  • Distinguish the appropriate techniques an effective manager uses to guide and direct others
  • Describe ways to align leadership and management skills and techniques

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