Effective Business Communication – cmceu1000 (0 credits)

To be successful in the business environment, one must be able to develop ideas, express them clearly, and persuade others of their viability. This course offers students effective strategies to sharpen their writing skills in letters and reports by structuring their ideas logically, exercising diplomacy and shaping their arguments for optimal effect. Students will also learn proper communication etiquette and the need for professionalism in various forms of business communication. This course provides 0.8 continuing education units in two, 4-hour workshops.

This non-credit course is 2 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Writing Effective Business Communication

  • Identify the primary audience
  • Choose an organizational model
  • Identify how to write a clear and concise email and IMs
  • Identify how to write an appropriate internal announcement
  • Identify how to write a response to routine requests and customer complaints
  • Detail how to write a bad-news letter

Writing a Business Letter and Business Proposals

  • Choose and Incorporate visuals into business proposals
  • Identify how to write a business letter
  • Identify how to write a thank-you letter
  • Describe how to persuade an audience
  • Identify how to write an executive summary

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