Team Selection Essentials For Criminal Justice Organizations – cjceu1005 (0 credits)

As a Criminal Justice professional, one may need to create or complete a new team, unit, squad, or group for which they will be required to select new members. The tasked professional will want to locate and interview great candidates, select the most qualified, and smoothly integrate them into the team. In this course, students will learn to assess team needs, attract, interview, and select ideal candidates. The student will also learn how to integrate new members into the team. This course provides 0.8 continuing education units in two, 4-hour workshops.

This non-credit course is 2 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Employee Selection Techniques and Integrating New Team Members

  • Identify the appropriateness of your new employee
  • Arrange situational interviews
  • Arrange blended interviews
  • Identify whether to hire a candidate or continue to search for others
  • Choose to hire your preferred candidate
  • Identify how to integrate the new associate team member to the team

Attracting the Right Candidates

  • Recognize team capabilities and needs
  • Detail the hiring process
  • Identify applicants for further investigation
  • Identify how to prepare for a behavioral interview
  • Outline how to conduct the interview

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