Organizing Your Day With Outlook Basics – bsceu1200 (0 credits)

Productivity software is a vital part of today's workplace. Microsoft Outlook ® plays a key role in assisting employees in organizing and managing their day and communications, both internally and externally. In this course, students will explore the basic features of Outlook ® and the interface, Students learn how to create and send emails, to use Outlook® to manage appointments and meeting, maintain contact information, create Tasks and Notes, and customize the Outlook® interface.

This non-credit course is 1 week. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Organizing Your Day with MS Outlook® Basics

  • Work with tasks and notes
  • Customize the Outlook environment
  • Manage your contacts
  • Perform basic functions in the Outlook Interface
  • Compose email messages
  • Read and respond to email messages
  • Manage email messages
  • Manage your Outlook calendar

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