Human Services Degrees

A Human Services degree at University of Phoenix® facilitates a deep understanding of how to serve the community, from geriatric or forensic populations to those needing mental health or addiction treatment. The curriculum aims to provide the skills necessary to develop as a professional and to effectively operate within client services or management within human services organizations.

About the Human Services Degrees

The College of Social Sciences offers the Bachelor of Science in Human Services degrees and the Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services degree. Courses are designed in collaboration with industry professionals to put theories into practice, drawing from a wide range of human services areas such as psychology and counseling.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services program teaches strategies and techniques of intervention and good management practices for intervention. The Human Services bachelor's degrees are designed to develop skills in planning, organizing, leading, assessing and evaluating for today's community needs.

Bachelor's Degrees in Human Services

Our Human Services bachelor’s degrees give you essential knowledge and skills to work in the human services industry. This is an integrated program combining academic instruction in the foundations of human services such as counseling, and psychology with applied skills for a career in human services.

Whether you're interested in an online or an on-campus experience, the Bachelor of Science in Human Services degree is an applied program that takes an interdisciplinary approach to developing your knowledge and skills. Students receive instruction in four major areas: theoretical foundations, diversity and population needs, research and program evaluation, and intervention methods and skills.

Human Services bachelor's degrees include electives in: 

  • Addictions
  • Family and Child Services
  • Gerontology
  • Management

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

The College of Social Sciences also offers Human Services en-route certificates in Addictions, Family and Child Services, Gerontology or Human Services Management in the Bachelor’s degree program. Students have the option to select the certificate track and earn up to two en-route certificates by the time they graduate from their primary degree program.

Please note that the Bachelor of Science in Human Services program provides a general foundation of human services theory and application coursework for students at entry levels in the helping professions. The program is not designed as a license-track program and does not lead to state licensure as a social worker, counselor or psychologist.

Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services

The Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services degree program provides the knowledge needed for a career helping those in the forensic population.

This program has a foundation in criminal justice and human behavior for building applicable skills in professional intervention and program facilitation. Students will receive instruction in individual assessment, case planning, case management, therapeutic intervention and reintegration strategies.

The Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services program offers electives in:

  • Working with juvenile offenders
  • Working with sexual offenders
  • Mental health issues
  • Substance abuse and chemical dependency

Speak to an Enrollment Representative about this program.

The Bachelor of Science in Correctional Program Support Services is an educational degree program that provides a foundation of knowledge in the field of correctional program support services. This program does not prepare students for any type of professional certification or licensure as a correctional officer, social worker or counselor.

The degrees in Human Services are not intended to lead to licensure.

Speak to an Enrollment Representative about online associate degrees in Human Services or our bachelor's program.

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