English degree

An English degree at University of Phoenix® provides the academic content in a liberal arts discipline to make students proficient in literature and written English. Courses will explore classic literature, themes and structures, helping students build a strong foundation on which to build writing and communication skills. The knowledge you gain from this online English degree can be used to further pursuits in academia or the workforce.

About the English degree

The College of Humanities and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts in English. The degree is taught by faculty with years of experience who can share their wealth of literary knowledge. While an English degree provides a foundation for students interested in post-secondary teaching, the program develops skills relevant to many career paths.

Bachelor’s degree in English

If you’re looking to pursue a career in education, the University of Phoenix bachelor's degree in English is good place to start. The curriculum introduces students to literature, rhetoric, grammar and composition. Students will also gain an understanding of major literary genres, authors and forms.

Courses cover a breadth of subject matter valuable to future educators and non-educators alike. The bachelor's in English can supplement your skills in areas including research, critical thinking, and analysis and communication.

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