Get the support of your regional Graduation Team

Your Graduation Team is a unique benefit of being a student at University of Phoenix. Simply put, the purpose of your team is to help you graduate. You’ll have three representatives working with you: admissions, finance and academic. Each member is an expert in their area, and they play a critical role in helping you get the most from your University of Phoenix education.

Your Student Support Team

Admissions Representative

Your admissions representative is assigned as soon as you complete a request for information. This representative helps you complete the enrollment process and answers your questions about the University of Phoenix. When you become a student, your admissions representative continues to provide solutions and answers to your questions. 

Finance Advisor

To help you manage the often complicated process of financing your education, your finance advisor is knowledgeable in scholarship, grant and loan programs—both from the government and private sources.

Academic Advisor

When you’re planning your curriculum, your academic advisor is a valuable resource. This advisor helps you select courses to ensure that you meet graduation and degree program requirements. 

Always the Right Time to Call

No matter which time zone you’re in, it’s always the right time to call. Our Student International Service Center is located in Phoenix, Arizona so you can get the support you need, when you need it.

From the moment you become a University of Phoenix student, your Graduation Team is preparing for your success. Their entire purpose is to serve you and support your academic goals. If you’ve been concerned that an American degree meant ‘English-only’ representatives, give us a try. We speak your language — our representative team is collectively fluent in 30 languages.

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