How STEM education can work for you

How it all adds up

The U.S. is facing a STEM talent shortage. From 2008 to 2018, jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are forecast to grow 17 percent — about twice the expected growth for non-STEM jobs.

That’s why the University has positioned itself to serve as a “talent supply chain partner” in the workplace, helping organizations fill those jobs with students who are adequately educated in the STEM disciplines.

Employees with STEM-related bachelor�s degrees earn on average $500,000 more over their lifetimes than non-STEM graduates, regardless of occupation or economic downturn.

We’re helping you find the right chemistry

From Business programs in Finance and Project Management, to our Education degrees, to Information Technology, Health Administration and more, we offer a range of programs to help you take advantage of this growing opportunity.

Adding value to your educational journey, the University is committed to helping you explore the opportunities around you and link your educational path to your desired STEM career. Find out more about your academic and career aptitudes, and get as much support as you need through these resources:

  • Phoenix Career Guidance System™ — Set your educational roadmap as you navigate your goals, job readiness and nearby career opportunities.
  • University of Phoenix® Alumni Association — Find the right STEM mentor and make job connections through the strength of our large, diverse alumni population.
  • Adaptive learning tools — Get on-demand support through tutoring resources that adjust to your learning style and strengths as you sharpen your skills in STEM-related disciplines.


Never stop learning

It’s important to note that many STEM jobs won’t require bachelor’s degrees. By 2018, about 35 percent of the STEM workforce will comprise employees with alternative training, including associate degrees, certificates and industry-based certifications.

With a vast — and growing — range of continuing education and professional development offerings, the University can help propel your future in STEM.

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