Academic Annual Report

The 2014 report (PDF, 20MB) outlines progress related to improved student outcomes and makes clear that a majority of alumni report satisfaction with their University education. It also includes data related to the nature and characteristics of the University’s student body, and the results of empowering students to make responsible borrowing decisions leading to a significant decline in the school’s student loan cohort default rates.

“The purpose of this report is to provide a picture of the institution today and to outline areas for progress tomorrow,” said University of Phoenix President Tim Slottow. “It describes our vision and approach to higher education. It outlines our challenges. It defines some of the characteristics of our students, our academic programs, and our faculty. This is an incredibly exciting time for University of Phoenix and I am thrilled to be part of it. I hope that everyone committed to improving higher education in America will take a closer look at who we are, how we educate and what we accomplish.”

The report completes a profile of working adult students at University of Phoenix, a majority of whom are women, employed and achieving their educational goals with dependents living at home. The learning model of the University is explained in the report, how it involves students in a learning exchange with other working adult students, and how expert practitioner faculty bring to the classroom an average of nearly 20 years of professional experience. The report also includes the University’s institutional and programmatic accreditation information, and outlines how the nine distinct schools and colleges that make up the University align academic programs and curriculum with existing industry standards and competencies, while also creating those competencies for distinct disciplines through its partnerships with employers, industry groups and other organizations.

“University of Phoenix has established high-level objectives that provide a clear direction for day-to-day operations, actions and initiatives,” said University Provost Meredith Curley, Ed.D. “They are fundamental to the University’s future and how its vision is achieved, and are dependent on successful transformation into nine distinct schools and colleges. These objectives work hand-in-hand with having reinvented the way we assess our performance and processes, and how we improve student outcomes, enhance the reputation of the University and meet the evolving needs of employers and working adult students.”

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