University of Phoenix Library

With a long history of educational and technological innovation, University of Phoenix has established an extensive university library with a comprehensive array of scholarly and professional research material. The core of the library consists of a collection of databases available to students and faculty.

The University Library houses more than 100,000 electronic periodicals as well as e-books of interest. The eBook Collection is made up of 200,000 electronic books. Students and faculty have access to the entire eBook Collection throughout their degree programs. The University Library and eBook Collection are available to users seven days a week from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Students and faculty frequently take advantage of the extensive library, downloading or viewing over 3 million documents each month. University of Phoenix updates traditional course reserve readings by offering the electronic readings with direct links to articles and pre-formatted searches. A team of professional librarians and research specialists provide support to the library and respond daily to student or faculty inquiries.

The extensive university library resources have been specially designed for the unique needs of University of Phoenix and to enhance our students’ overall experience.

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